27 March 2008

Fair And Balanced?

STOP IT! Stop pretending that the news is fair and balanced. Stop saying that Obama has gotten a free ride. Just stop!

I am so disgusted with the media, broadcast media that is, I will read newspapers for awhile until they shut up. Why? They are doing all in their power to keep Clinton in the race. They make sure that everything they say will be a sound bite that goes to those blue collar workers that make up a good portion of the electorate. An attempt to influence.

Look at guest they have on to talk about the Dems. Harold Washington, Jr--here is great one, he gave up his Dem soul when he joined and spouts the DLC line. And when progressives like Rachel Maddo, etc are on as a panel member they are usually shouted down by one of the media reps so that the progressive line is seldom heard in its entirety.

You want more? Alrighty then, how about an out right lie that gets no or little coverage. a lie committed by a candidate and then take a look at comments from some preacher that is not the candidate. Which do you remember? I bet it is that darn pesky preacher. And when will members of the church in question be asked about him? Not those that stop by now and then, but real life members. They will not, it would bring an end to this story and the media does not want that.

Congrats voters! You are being played! How does it feel?

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