01 March 2008

Political Sniping-101

The primaries draw near the sniping becomes intense. One of the newest is Clinton going after Obama for something that he wrote in one of his books where he says the he is a blank canvas for those around him to project onto. Clinton found fault with this saying that he is an empty vessel and she is a full one with all the knowledge and experience needed....for day one! (BTW, I suggest that that term be quickly eliminated from the vocabulary......it is annoying as much as 24/7 is).

I did not see her comments as something good. It sound like she was saying that her ideas were the only good ideas and that it will always be done her way. That she will do what she wants and that there would be NO input but hers.

Hillary-----Hillary the experience thing has not worked in the past and it is not playing well now. Finding fault with hope and change is not working. Making the whole campaign about YOU is not working. The people are looking for more than you experience. Your experience just keeps you looking like part of the problem not part of the solution.

And now you are trying to find a "Daisy Ad" from the 1964 campaign. Please stop! You are not looking presidential. You are looking desperate and that you will say and do anything to win. You appear that you are what it is all about, not the people and their concerns. Please stop!

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