26 March 2008

What About The Infrastructure?

One third of the US debt that the taxpayers will cover and is a slow drain on the treasury, the Iraq War. That money spent, what has it accomplished for the country? Ok, some veiled crap about the security of the country. But if our aging bridges, highways, etc start killing people then where was the secure that the war was promising the country?

We as a country are spending $10 billion a month on the war. In my state and local city is getting their share of federal funds from HUD, it will amount to $171,000. Now I ask what will that amount do to help a city that is fighting crime, drugs, etc? That small amount of funds will buy a couple of stop signs and a sidewalk, at best, while the city continues to slowly deteriorate.

I know my area is not alone and as long as we have these sanctimonious a/holes running the country it will continue. I am not convinced that the Big 3 candidates will change this situation at all. I mean if a small city in my area is being screwed I can imagine how the large cities are being pumped.

Makes me proud to be an American!

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