21 March 2008

What Of McCain?

The MSM has been spending all its free time keeping the race issues before the voters, especially those in Pennsylvania, where blue collar workers are blaming all ills on racial programs. BTW, the media will elect your next president. Don't think so, then keep an eye on all the elections, especially the general and you will see who they want to be president.

Since McCain is pretty much getting a free ride right now, I thought I would point out some of his economic positions. 1) He wants to restore consumer confidence--but never says how he will accomplish it. 2) Wants to eliminate the AMT and says it will give working class families $2700 extra a year--that would pay one mortgage note--where is the help there? 3) Reduce corporate tax--more profits, but will not create that many jobs--so where is the help here? 4) Make tax cuts permanent--a flip-flop from his original position when he opposed them. 5) supports the bail out of the mortgage industry--where will this help the home owner? 6) Limit earmarks--now this is the only one that I can see as a good thing.

If McCain is your choice then you are either wealthy or just plain STUPID!


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