20 March 2008

Can Obama Lose?

His call for change and unity cannot be beat by McCain. Why? The media wants it. The MSM is doing everything in their power to keep the pastor thing and the race issue in the forefront of people's minds. His speech should have put all this bullsh*t to rest. But the Media does not want it to go away. Clinton is their candidate and they will keep the race thing going. They have almost totally ignored the Hillary scheds that has been released and how they will show that her experience will be very limited when she was 1st lady.

Pundits like Scarborough, Tucker and especially FOX News that will not let this story die, because as long as they keep it running the more they can dwindle Obama's support. Something that is wanted and is being done by the MSM.

So if Obama is the Dem nominee and he loses to McCain in the general, you can thank the media for the defeat. Are you proud of the media now?

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