16 March 2008

Weekly Update

With all the bantering back and forth by the two campaigns on he said, she said, there was not much reporting on trivial bullsh*t. But I did find a few worthless pieces of crap out there.

I need booze
To watch this worthless news
That I cannot possibly use.

1--more studenst skilled, more car crashes, more fires, and more plane crashes---YAWN!

2--NY Gov is a "john" for a $4000 hooker, oh sorry, escort. For that kind of money the bitch had better be able to whistle Dixie with her genitals.

3--Some guy in India setting world record for longest ear hair. I cannot make this shit up!

4--Glligan's Island Mary Ann gets busted in Idaho for mary jane--you go girl--bless her heart

5--US military commander in Iraq resigns, because he does not agree on Iran--their is some with guts after all.

6--Woman spends 24 months on toilet---what?--that is right she was there everyday for 2 yrs. Masybe should not eat so much peanut butter.

That is it for the worthless crap being reported on the MSM. Did yoiu get your money's worth out of that?

Have A Day!

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