22 March 2008

What About Your Congress

With all the bullsh*t about the Dems and their campaigns, your Congress has been able to get relief from the heat they had been taking before the primaries. They are still a do nothing bunch of wealthy individuals that do not want to buck the White House.

They voted for a war, then they continue to support it with funds and they will allow more torture and they will allow more domestic spying on Americans and then they will allow more kids to go unfunded in health care. Now where is the voting on the mandate they said they has when they took control in 2007?

Please explain to me their function as of your last Civics class


Now that the fantasy is out of the way, let us move on to reality. The truth is that this legislature exists as public relations gesture toward the people to make it appear that here is democratic participation of the people, but without ant substantial power. The people voted a majority of Dems into the Congress, and how has that worked out? Voting is a powerful mechanism, but it is only a trade off for the political elite to remain in control. All it accomplishes is to legitimize the whole process of a government controlled by the elite over the will of the masses.

Howard Zinn said it best, "voting is easy and marginally useful, but it is a poor substitute for democracy, which requires direct action by the citizens". Never a truer bunch of words have been spoken. But the American voter does not want to be involved beyond every four years. They want someone to tell them what is best for them. Nothing will be accomplished for the people of the country until that thinking is eliminated and that is my job.

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