18 March 2008

Obama Speaks

Good! Maybe now we can shut the hell up and move on to issues. MSM has been making damn sure that The Rev. Wright comment has had many days to play in the minds of the voter. I guess if you are a Clinton supporter, you are getting your money"s worth out of NOTHING!

Today Obama will make a national speech, similar to the one that Romney had to make, it is just silly that anyone has to make a speech at all that does not pertain to the election. I do not care about Mitt's religion and I sure do not give shit about what a preacher has to say. They are playing to the band. Nothing about this has anything to do with being elected president.

Are the minds of the American voter so fried that they will be influenced by such shenanigans by the campaigns? Of course they are! And to the point of being idiots! Sorry, I did take away from idiots with that statement. These easily influenced robots are beyond ignorant and are approaching STUPID!

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