04 March 2008

Another War?

Today are the primaries for Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island. It wiill be an interesting and long day for political junkies like me. But before that I need to address the possiblity of yet another conflict that could get ugly for the US.

well, Professor where are we talking about this time? South American, most notable the anger between Colombia and Ecuador. It seems that the army of Colombia crossed the border to go after the leftist organization, FARC and di d kill one of its commanders. There is protest flying all over Washington and the UN. Now Chavez of Venezuela who is an ally of Ecuador, has sent roops and equipment to their border with Colombia.

Now we have a stand off between those who align with Chavez and those who align with the US. This could get really ugly, if not handled properly. Considering there are US troops in Colombia helping that country fight the war on drugs, which is yet another sore spot in the region.

Since Bush has his head up his butt, the possibility of this escalating into a full blown war is a great possibility. You asked for it--you got it!

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