11 March 2008

Mississippi Today

Today is Mississippi's day in the spotlight. Thanx to the prolonged nomination process the state finally gets its turn in the barrel. Obama will likely win since 70% of registered Dems are black. Bill tried to head off the rush to Obama by hinting that he would be considered as a veep. Bill is counting on his past clout to help his wife. I do not think it will be effective.

Only time will tell if Mississippi will be a player in the drama that will be the Democratic Convention. I will be trying to do an independent exit poll and will post my findings.

Hopefully people realize that if the state votes for Obama does not mean it will vote Dem in November. McCain will probably take the state in the general. Blacks could change that formula, but that would mean that they must stay engaged in the process. we will see with today's vote and the turn out just how successful the effort will be.

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