03 March 2008

The "Political" Ad

May I see a show hands of the people that recall the "Daisy" ad of the 1964 presidential general election? (Pause for effect) No one , now why does that not surprise me?

Back in 1964 Johnson ran an ad with a small girl and a daisy and the count down to a mushroom cloud. Suggesting that it we elected Goldwater we would be chancing nuclear war. Pretty good ad and scared the be-jesus out of the voter. Fear, a powerful motivator.

This political cycle Clinton has run her version of the "Daisy" ad. This one, I am sure that most people are aware of, thanks to the MSM. Hers has the "red" ringing to indicate a emergency. And then it goes into her experience and who you would want to answer the phone. Fear? I do not think so this time. She keeps trying to force the voter into voting for her because she has experience. But it has not worked in 11 straight contest. Will it work this time? So I guess one could make a case for it being a possible fear card ad.

But no one sees it the way I do. The phone rings five times and then goes to voice mail. Does nayone besides me see a hole in this? Ok times up! If she is so damn experienced should it not be answered promptly and not have to go to voice mail? It maybe just me. But that does not say "experience" to me. But then I am capable of observing beyond the BS that most people fall for.

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