01 March 2008


OMG! This guy wants media attention than Nader! and I call Nader a media whore. What does that say for Bloomberg? Here is a guy who is not sure what side of the political spectrum he wants to sit on. He has been a Democrat and a republican and now an Independent. He left out the green Party and libertarian. Give him time he will come around, no doubt.

First he was not running for pres, then he was and now he is not. Sounds like this guy would make the perfect replacement for Bush. The only thing he is sure of is he has more money than God and can do whatever he wants.

Bloomberg is now saying that he will nor seek the presidency, but that he will work for an independent approach to government and that he will push a bi-partisan approach to solving the problems of the US.

Ok, cool, but what does that mean? Who will he put his wealth behind? Who will help him make more money and get more media attention? Those are the only questions that need to be asked and need to be answered.

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