16 March 2008

McCain In Iraq

What a piece of work! get the American people to pay for a trip to Iraq as a campaign ad. Let me see. it is Sens. McCain, Graham and Liebermann, all are part of the McCain Repub campaign. And the media is buying into this ploy by saying that they are all part of the Senate Armed Forces Committee. Where are the Dems on that committee? This is a campaign stop, people.

If this was not about his running for President then ALL members of the committee should be there. This is an attempt to give the American people the Repub side of the war and not the truth, the whole truth.

If this was a fact finding mission everyone should be there at the same time and get the same info. This is the perfect time for McCain to go to Iraq, the Dems are up to their butts in accusations and campaigning.

Just another way they will dupe the voter. Sad part is they will buy it hook, line and sinker.

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