20 March 2008

Have Cigar

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War, now there is something to celebrate. 5 yrs, almost 4000 dead, many thousands wounded and maimed and a 1/2 a trillion bucks spent. Take a moment and think about that. Now that you have, what have we gained from this waste of money and treasure? Are we safer? According to the Pres we are, but then he has been in never never land for 5 yrs.

Now Bush is using our fear of higher gas prices to motivate the people. He know says that we must stay in Iraq to prevent al Qaeda from taking over the oil fields and using that cash to create market chaos and to fund their activities. I can smell the fear rising now!

Many protesters took to the streets yesterday as a nationwide protest to the war. A valiant effort, but will it be effective? NO! I WILL NOT! When half the American people still believe that Saddam was so how responsible for 9/11. Sad indictment of the mentality of the American people.

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