08 March 2008

Still Bitching

It is 4 or 5 days since Clinton ran her now infamous 3 a.m. phone call ad and we are still talking and bitching about it. The media is playing it for all it is worth it makes good copy. But the real story here is that it is gonna be used again when it is needed.

She lauds her experience over an over and over, it was not working, but once the idea of "fear" is injected into it and then it plays like the star spangled banner.

Clinton keeps saying that she has the experience to make the hard decisions in an emergency. First, what experience did she earn from being first lady? I mean a sudden change in menu is not that same of an emergency. I mean voting for a war without all the info is definitely not what is needed in the White House. So what experience does she have handling that type of emergency?

Now if Obama's people were sharper they would have him in an ad up to the point where she answers the phone then freezer frame and then.......say the Obama was doing what ANY prudent president would do. He calls his advisers, gets opinions and then makes the decision on what action to take.

The final line should be....A good president gets all the info before he makes his decision. A bad president makes a snap decision before considering the consequences. You know like Iraq, the early years.

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