19 March 2008

Will There Be A Do-Over?

Looks promising for Michigan. There are reports now that a resolution to the problem of the past election in Michigan is very close. Hopefully this will be a solution that everyone cab agree to and the delegates can be seated.

Onto Florida, now here is a cluster f*ck. After a couple of days of reporting different possibilities for the this situation the news has broke--a do over for Florida is all but completely dead. Mail in vote--dead, Re-vote--dead, caucus--dead and a privately funded do-over is dead. All options available have been rejexted. Hope is slipping away for the people of Florida.

What can be done? First Dean should get off his fat ass and call the two campaigns and tell them to send a rep to a meeting and then they go behind closed doors and bang out a solution. Or some statesman within the Party should take the initiative and bring the two sides together and find a solution to this problem. Someone like Al Gore. we cannot use the elder statesman, Bill, because of his ties to the candidate, so someone needs to step up and take control. If not then Florida should be left out of the mix at the convention. It was their decision to move the primary and they were aware of the consequences.

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