28 February 2007

My Anger Persists

Recently, I posted a piece about the shabby treatment of returning Iraq and Afghanistan vets, since that post a story broke about just how shabby Bdg 18 is. The Bldg is where vets stay for their out-patient care at Walter Reed. The story is being reported heavily. Gates is upset! Oh please, where was this outrage before the story broke?

And McCain, a vet himself, where is his two cents?

And now the troops housed in the Bldg have a time to rise and get the room ready for inspection. Are you kidding? No, I am NOT! Their room must be perfect in case there are people walking through the Bldg. Let see, You want a vet who lost his legs because of your ignorant war, to rise early and prepare his room for some idiotic inspection? You people are flippin' animals! God forbidden that his room not be perfect. Is this the answer? Hell no! It is just a way to cover some low life's ass.

Oh yeah, the rest of the story--the troops are not allowed to talk to the press in any way. Your pathetic government is attempting to use damage control with the hope that all this will slide from the memory of the people. If history is correct, it will, the American people are more worried about who flies some worthless cloth or which $3 magnet you have on your car or refrig. They are a pathetic bunch of cowards.

And there is more! More? How did we get so lucky?

Congress will be holding hearings on the conditions. I hope the vets are not putting any faith in these, it is just a delaying tactic with nothing being accomplisheed except some PR and photo-ops

I will continue to be angry, because the people voted the smirking Texan into office, not once but twice, and he sent our young to face the horrors of war; so indirectly, the American people are responsible for their plight and yet NO ONE gives a crap. Yeah, I am proud to be an American--In CASE YOU ARE DENSE__THAT IS SARCASM!!!!



klamathwolves said...

You have every right to be angry. The rest of us have a responsibility to be angry.

Marie said...

Yes, I agree, we all have the responsibility to be angry and to not let this issue rest until it is seen through. The vets gave us all and they deserve the best - even though they don't always get it.

CHUQ said...

Thanx guys, I just wish someone would notice this outrage--everyday it gets worse and worse for the vets and all the govt can do is have hearings? WTF? They did niot have a hearing to put them in the situation that caused their injuries.

Sorry, I get really cheesed, when I see flags and magnets and the such and not one of them does anything.

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