09 February 2007

My Comspiracy Theory

Yesterday I bitched about the coverage the Astro-nut was getting. I bitched about all the media reporting on everything from her hair color to who made the diaper. I bitched and bitched. But I did not expect the story to be upstaged by a death. Ana Nicole Smith, that is.

My theory--Money is the answer. She married a multi-millionaire who left her all his money when he crapped out. Of course, the family was pissed and sued. I think after all the crap she wound up with about $80 million, not bad.

Now think about it--if something happened to her, the son would get the cash, he died, she was devastated, she gave birth to a daughter and now she's dead. After her sons death she tried to drowned herself, boyfriend found and called for help--bodyguard got her out of water and did CPR and revived her. She had been ill for a couple of months, off and on.

Now think about the cash--who is her heir? The baby, but since it is a minor, who will control the money? Who of all the players would benefit from her death? Who controls the cash?

Answer these questions and you have a helluva ploy emerging. A good TV movie and a good best-seller.

I will be watching the autosy reports carefully--me thinks there be something rotten in Hollywood.


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