25 February 2007


I like short little words they are so easy to type.

Revolutionary Democracy

What is it? How does it work? Before I answer these and other questions, I need to let the reader know that as an observer, I write like I think, I have no time to be grammatically correct, so if for some reason it offends the readers sensibilities, I would say........Okay.

I am a revolutionary democrat. That does not mean I am a member of the Democratic party, far from, it means that I see a need for drastic changes in our system of government. While I might agree with some of the stances of the DP, I should by no means be confused for a lame half-witted liberal.

Revolutionary Democracy sees the multinational corporations, imperialism and a new form of colonialism as the harbingers of a world crisis. It is time for the people to take control of their lives and their country. The people must demand and get accountability from their representatives, something they have none of today. Time for the people to step up to the plate and learn to play ball; to take the decision making out of the hands of millionaires and put into the hands of the people. A time for participatory democracy, where all lead and all govern.

At the present time in this political epoch, with corruption, scandal and non-caring, the reps you now have are nothing but spokespeople for big business and the wealthy. They only care about the people every 4 years or so, once they have the vote they move on to their real objective--self-interest.

As long as the people continue on their path of subjugation, they will never have a voice in their destiny, just turn it over to those who prefer to lead and will lead to the path of ruin.

Right now, the people have the ways to take back their country and their government, but they must want to change world and must want to end the political slavery they are now in.




Awesome! Reminds me what I once wrote about blogging: "The beauty of blogging is that... it's brought the tools of revolution to fit the rectangular space of a keyboard. Where the transmission of ideas and ideologies is not limited by geography but randomised in space like nano-bots, literally spawning revolutions within revolutions."

CHUQ said...

Well said! And thanx for coming back, your comments are always welcomed even if we do not agree.

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