05 February 2007

A Ranting

Mr. Bush and his budget will be all the news of the day. It will be analyzed from every angle; I, myself, might put my 2 cents in, only time will tell. It seems he will be asking for a buttload of money for the war in Iraq and probably some for DHS, to help the war on terror. I mean these are no brainers, of course, he will.

I am such a major political geek that I watch the History Channel or as I call it the "Hitler" channel. Anyway I digress, today is a lot of shows on Saddam and his crap and I was wondering, could these stories be on today, of all days, because of the budget calling for ore money for the war? A coincidence? I think not! I seem to recall during the Lebanon conflict this past summer, I watched, on the same channel, a buttload of shows about the Germany and its policies toward the Jews. Coincidence? I think not!

Could the History Channel be used to garner support for different policies in the news? Who. BTW, owns the Histroy Channel?

Just a thought.


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