10 February 2007

Water Water Everywhere?

I have been watching and commenting on the situation in the Middle East for years. Usually I get called a bunch of unflattering names because of it, but I go on.

I have looked a the ME map over and over trying to decide what and why this just keeps getting worse and worse. The situation goes from bad to worse, almost daily and why? Do the people in this region enjoy killing each other, enjoy suffering, enjoy grief; just what the hell is it?

I was staring at a map today of the Me and I had an ephiphany(?). Water! Israelis so concerned about having water that it must keep the situation volitile, so they retain control of the West Bank. Why you ask? The jordan River, which divides the West Bank occupied territory from Jordan. The tributaries flow into the West Bank and to keep the water flowing into Israel they must retain control of the area.

One of their fears is that if the West Bank becomes the new Palestine, then they, the Israelis, would be at the mercy of the Palestinians and they cannot be put into that position. At present most of the water allocations go to Israel and not the people of the West Bank. This could be used as a weapon against Israel and that is what they are afraid of in the future.

Because of this fear, Israel will do all in their power to retain control of the water supplies in the occupied teritories. No peace will be had as long as the watwer issue can be used against Israel.

It is a lot simplier when you think outside the box.


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