10 February 2007

Is Government For Sale?

Recently it has been reported that the upcoming election could cost $1 billion, thus making it the most expensive campaign ever. Candidates are manuevering their support so that they do not accept federal funds for their campaigns. This is a scary thing, for them will go to private donations and fundraising to get the money for their campaigns.

This, IMO, will put the government of the United States up for sale. What cabinet positions will be bought? How many governmental jobs will be bought? How many policies will be bought? These are just a few of the questions that the voters need to ask. If the people allow this then the US will be getting the best government money can buy.

I say screw them! Give them all the same amount in federal funds and the same amount of air time and let the people decide. Elections have become big business and that will be the ruination of the nation.

Sit on your ass, and let this occur then you have nothing to bitch about, with the exception of how stupid you are.


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Delilah said...

Thanks for writing this.

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