23 February 2007

I Get Cheesed!!!!

Recently I read an article about the cutting of funds for Arlington Cemetery. And then the same day a story about how shabbily returning injured Iraqi vets are treated and then CNN does a piece on the shabby condition of the out-patient barracks at Walter Reed. Dammit! THERE IS NOTHING more important than the rehab of the injured vets--NOTHING!

Well, I was so upset that I posted both events on a discussion forum. Guess what! Not one of the admin's cheerleaders has anything to say about the obscenity. But yeah, they know absolutely everything about the war in Iraq, but yet they have NO opinion about these stories.

As a Vietnam vet, I watched too many good men succumb to the non-caring government. These men were calling out for help and were fucking ignored, and now the ass wads are doing it again. WHY? Because the military will use these men and women up and once they are injured, ther usefulness is gone. Just turn their backs on them and whatever happens happens.

I have had little use for the government since Vietnam and now they are at it again--everyone of them deserves to be shot, multiple times so that is is a slow agaonizing death. Take a good look around, if they do not care wgat happens to these people, what care for you do they have? Easy answer--NONE!!!!!!

Now Gates gets on TV on the sujbect and says it is unacceptable--way to go dick wad. But where were the concerns last year? They got caught and now they pretend it is appalling. They were caught!!! If not then the crap would still be going on.

Odd, Americans seem to think that a piece of flippin' cloth in front of the home and a couple of ribbons makes up for this abuse. If so, they are lazy bastards and more unpatriotic than anyone I have ever met and believe me I have met some real radicals. If this type of abuse is not worthy of a comment, then you are more worthless than Bush. And believe me, that is a bout as worthless as a human can be.



klamathwolves said...

You are spot on, CHUQ. The only thoughts the administration have in their heads is securing their own "legacies" and a favorable treatment in the history books.

They don't give a crap about anyone but their billionaire buddies, least of all someone who has outlived his usefulness. They've got wars to win, dammit, they can't be spending money on broken soldiers.

It's a criminal act in a long line of criminal acts and I hope someday they get what's coming to them.

CHUQ said...

As I have said I watch too many good men from Vietnam slide down the path to ruin and the govt just sat there jacking off.

This should be a crime ounishable by death.

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