03 February 2007

A Thought For 03/02/07

I spend a lot of time reading various world edition newspapers and finding info that would normally not be seen in the US. I have found that some people are very short-sighted. On different forums I try to post article, stories, opeds, whatever that would generate a response, a thoughtful response, but as usual, in some cases, I get pure bullshit. The one that comes to mind most recently is an article I posted about the makeup of a terrorist org, and the first reply was basically calling me an Islamic apologist, I guess because I posted on something they have a bug up there butt about. Anyway, I apologize for NO ONE and I DO NOT accept any argument that labels any religion as "muderous".

Let see Muslims parked planes into bldgs and that makes the religion murderous. Ok with that same logic, the asshole who blew up an abortion clinic killing people was a Christian, so using the same logic, Christianity is a murdereous religion also.

I really get to laughing at the mentality of these so-called "civilized people", for it is easier to call names than to look for the cause. People like these are part of the problem we are having across the globe.


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