12 February 2007

Who Lied?


The story is out! What story, fool? The Inspector General has issued a report on the intel that was used to go to Iraq and start some crap. The report says, basically, that the intel was tailored to fit the scenario. Much has been said about the intel. There was no WMD, there was no connection between Saddam and al-Qaeda, this is just a bunch of falsohoods all generated to garner the support for the invasion of Iraq. The best thing out of these investigations, at least in my opinion was the findings of the IG. They said that the false intel was inappropriate, not illegal.

Inappropriate? Can I use that the next time I am caught lying to the cops or possibly in court? Of course, I cannot! Then why is the government's lies inappropriate? The US invade a country without approval of the UN Security Council--that is an illegal act. The US has in the past condemned countries for similar acts. THe US cannot lead by example anymore.

Lies, Lies guess who dies. US troops are dying regularly and because of lies--someone needs to be held accountabl. But who?


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