20 February 2007


Every Little Stan

Stan? what the hell are you talking about? Well, you know, Stan--Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, yada, yada......Why are we discussing these Central Asia countries? Before we do that let us look around the world, shall we?

Nigeria--the country is about as stable as a house of cards. Venezuela--depends on what Chavez decides to do this week. Iraq--enough said! Each one of these countries have the Us as a common denominator--oil reserves. If for some reason we lost Nigerian oil and Venezuelan oil and the ME was an even hotter bed of conflict--what would the US do for oil? Our opil imports would be sharply cutailed and we would scramble around looking for other reserves. What about Russia? NO! They seem to be working on an exspanionists agenda, they will need their oil to counter the US, if it becomes necessary.

What to do? What to do?

But wait there is another way! The Stans! Almost each one of these emerging countries has some oil and gas reserves and the US has found their problem solver.

Most of these countries are lead by a hard fisted dictator-type keader. Will that matter? Not really, we, the US, has a long hoistory of looking the other way from the strong dictators as long as they serve a purpose. Civil liberties are not a major obstacle.

These countries are now allowing the Us to build bases of operations on their soil. This will bring in lots of cash and preferential treatment in the future. These bases will be used to support ops in Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly Iran, among the most popular right now. Did you know? The Us has about 700+ bases on foreign soil and about 2.5 million servicemen. That sounds like "empire building" to me.

We will watch and see just how this plays out and just how the US handles the leaders that only care about a self-serving agenda. When they are eventually overthrown, a new conflict will be in the making.

How do we do it?


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