11 February 2007

Palestinian Peace

Well, the Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, have come to an agreement to form a unity government. The US and Israel have not been too ethusiastic about the peace between the two. Why? Well, it could mean that more international pressure would be exerted onto Isreal to come to terms with their neighbors. This cannot be let to happen, is their attitude.

The Palestinians are taking the first small steps to a peaceful government. Once the plan is implimented and begins to show signs of success, Israel will be in the crosshairs on the international stage. They do not want this, they like it better when the Pals are fueding and firing rockets at Israel. Why? These things gives Israel all the justification they need to invade and kill and gives the International community the chance to look the other way. That has become a bit more difficult and if the Pals succeed then the international commnity will have to deal with Isrsael, something they are not prepared to do at this time.

I suggest the first thing the Pals need to do is present a working government without bullshit, then once that gets to cooking then deal with the factions firing missiles. If they accomplish this the world will be on their side and will demand Israel come to terms.

I would almost bet that Israel ready has a plan in the can for such an outcome. They will try to provoke the Pals into making a mistake so they can act and say "I told you so". They cannot let the international community swing support to the Pals and they will do everything possible to prevent this from happening.

The Pals should be comended for their efforts and I wish them well and much luck on their travels to s state of their own.


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