26 February 2007

The Green Zone

According to most observers, the central part of Baghdad, the Green zone, where ministries, embassies, govt offices, etc are located, is well guarded and considered by most to be secure. Oh really?

In the recent past insurgents and such have attacked the zone from within and out. Recently, an Iraqi VP was the target of a bomb while he visited one of the miniastries offices, he was wounded and taken to the hospital, others were killed. There have been small arms attacks, rocket attacks and bombs. That does not sound like a secure place to me. You?

Soon the major "surge" will be going on in Baghdad, going from neighborhood to neighborhood, this operation will clear the 'hoods and make them secure. Oh really? Would that be the same security that they have brought to the Green Zone?

All the admin's cheerleaders say this is the only way to bring the violence to a halt, well at least stop some of it. Does anyone here really buy this claim? May I see a show of hands?


This will no more bring safety than any other plan they have had in the past. The insurgents will just fade to the shadows, regroup, rearm and start all over again. The Green Zone, will be no more secure than irt was yesterday, when the Iraqi VP was almost killed

This plan is doing two things for sure: 1--wasting money and 2--wasting lives. The time for a major rethink on Iraq has come and is almost gone. A major shift in strategy is sadly needed. Surely, there is someone on the payroll of the admin that could come up with a new direction, not some rewording of the old "stay the course".



Marie said...

Good analysis, Prof! I agree that it will not improve the safety, it's just more of the same old song and dance. The lives and money "wasted" on this war is atrocious and I can't believe people are still falling for the gov'ts bull!

CHUQ said...

The Am. ppl have been called sheep in the past--not a bad analogy, IMO. Thanx, Marie.

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