06 February 2007

Today, I read a story about this whacko that was shocking his 18 month old with a stun gun and for 3 months. Is this a sicko or what? Awhile back, in my area some kids put a cat's feet into hot grease. Heard on the news about some kids beat a miniture pinscher to death with sticks and these types are stories are everywhere. What a fuckin' degenerate society we have become.

What is needed is to overhaul the justice system so that the punishment fits the crime. For instance, the guy with the stun gun gets zapped everyday for 90 days with 100,000 volts. The kids with the hot grease, one og their hands is put into the same grease and those wonderful kids with the sticks, get beat with bamboo for 25 lashes.

What about capital crimes, you may ask? The same punishment fits the crime. For instance, they guy that was dragged to death behind a pick-up--he dies the same! The guy who was sodomized with a pipe because he was Mexican--the perps get sodomized repeatedly for 5 days.

I know this will not be popular, but something has to be done to right the crap that our society is nuturing.

Or how about, every tenth person arrested is shot to death by firing squad. Yes, I know these are a bit extreme, but something needs to be done and the sooner these deviant personalities are handled the better.



tumbleweed said...

Unfortunately there will always be wackos in society that do things totally bizarre with no logical explanation.Sometimes there are warning signs, but it's hard to determine if they will actually abuse someone like with this 18 month old boy.

I agree our justice system needs to be overhauled but I doubt it would ever get to the point where we use cruel and unusal treatment as a punishment.

In the case of the kids the parents hold some responsibility for their actions.A lot of parents these day haven't got a clue what their kids are doing, and often times don't really care.

I'm a firm believer in stupid people shouldn't breed.That might be the easiest fix of all.LOL.

CHUQ said...

It would be easier. But I just think that the cruel and usual thing should not apply. Why? The crime! If you want to be cruel then the punish will be cruel, regardless.

BTW, thanx for the comments.

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