16 February 2007

A Thought for 16/02/07

Recently, the Palestinians have come to an agreement to form a unity government. It is a shaky peace, at best. The US and Israel are not too keen on the agreement. Why? It benefits Israel for the conflict to continue and it was a helluva coincidence that the work on the al-Aqsa mosque stirred up confrontation while the sides were meeting in Saudi Arabia. I do not believe in coincidences in politics, especially in the ME. Of course western media is all over the clashes and made it appear that the Palestinians were the "bad guys". Do not believe it! All would have been quiet and safe if the work had not begun and why is the al-Aqsa so important to repair at this time? Let us look, the Pals were getting good world press for their attempts to solve their problems within themselves. Not good for Israel.

Now Rice is sent to the area to try and jump start the peace process, at least that is the story. What a crock! She has made multiple trips saying the same thing and things have NEVER gotten better because of her visits. actually, things usually get worst after her appearance. It is nothing more than a photo op to make it appear that the Bush Admin is working for a lasting peace--THEY ARE NOT!

Ask yourself, why would she show up before a unity government is formed and the peace process is on old until the govt. is formed? No meetings, progress or anything else will be accomplished until that government is in place. So what benefit would her visit have? Only one! Show support for Israel and do a bit of antagonising of the Palestinian factions.

I say ----US keep your broads at home until they work out their government thing and then only show up if invited by the government. Israel can wait and if they truly want peace then they will go for a unity government that will negotiate in earnst.

IMO, Israel does not want peace--it would cost them a bunch from their cash cow--The US.



tumbleweed said...

Good observation CHUQ.I agree, Israel doesn't want peace, and actually go out of their way to keep the conflict ongoing.

Rice is the worst represenative of the United States to be sending to the ME.IMO.

CHUQ said...

The prob I see is that the ppl making ME policy know nothing of the region except what they see on TV or on some bibical CD, with its serene landscape scenes, neither of which is accurate.

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