07 February 2007

A Bomber In Government

A Bomber By Any Other Name.....

Let us take a trip in the way-back machine--it is 1983 in Kuwait, the US and French embassies have just been bombed. The Kuwaitis arrest a young man named Jamal Jaafari Mohammed, but he went on the lame before his trial. This guy was involved with a airline hijacking in 1984. Any way this guy was tried and convicted of being a terrorist in absentia.

He was reported to be a member of an Iranian backed para-military group that even attempted an assassination of a Kuwaiti prince. All this is just a histroy lesson right? Not really!

Let us set the controls for our temporal machine for the present to see what our Jamal Jaafari Mohammed is doing today.

One, Jamal Jaafari Mohammed is a member of the Iraqi parliment. He is a convicted terroist and he has diplomatic immunity. Not bad! This man was nominated by the DAWA, the coalition that supports al-Maliki. He also had the support of most of the Shi'a organizations. OH, by the way, Maliki's party Dawa took responsiblity for the bombings in '83 and was exiled to Iran under Saddam.

Now once this guy was nominated for the Coucil of Representatives under the US led government; he was elected and became a MP for Babil region. Plus there seems to be a bunch of info leaking out that Mohammed may be a conduit to Iran, which according to the US, is meddling in Iraq's business. Still no concrete proof of that accusation.

I realize the US was in a major rush for the elections to go forward, so they could hold up Iraq as a beacon of Democracy. Apparently, so quickly that no one bother to check out the candidates to see who they might be , in reality. I mean take a look mat one the US's boys, Chalabi, he is a felon on the run from justice in Jordan for hois part in a bank fraud, but now he has immunity--convienent, eh? Recently, a 9 month old baby was detained at an airport because his name was on the "terrorist" list of the US, but yet a convicted terrorist somehow slipped through the net. Just how much money are we flushing down the toilet?

It would seem that the more we try the more embarrassing moments we seem to create. This guy will probably become a victim of some violence, since he has immunity, any solution to this problem will be a behind the scenes solution. And once this story quietens he will slip into obsurity.


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