18 February 2007


Alternative Fuels

Well, it seems that the US is trying to do its part and help eliminate some of the demand for oil. The pres decided to inclide this "new" avenue into his Stae of the Union speech. And he went on and on about American's addiction to oil and what did he offer? The guy said that we needed more research on Hybrid tech and hydrocell and additives and so on and on and on.....

The budget is out and let's say that the budget for the Us is $100, if so then the money set aside for alt energy research and developement is less than 1 penny. That ought to get the ideaS flowing, huh?

Bush seems to want to push renewable energy programs, you know, kinda like methanol? Why? There is the fact that it would help farmers, which would be some assistance to the growers, but I suspect there is another more reliable reason.

What would that be? Methanol is a gas additive and more likely than not will be the most money spent on its developement. IT IS AN ADDITIVE! What am I saying? This type of alt energy uses oil as a basis, that means oil companies will still be making billions, while appearing to be helping the ozone thing.

So I guess oil companies will have little to worry about, at least for now and the admin looks like it really cares about the quality of the air. It is a win win program for the pres and his admin. It will not substantially end our addiction to oil.

This whole song and dance is just politics as usual and profits as usual for the oil companies. So where does this end?


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