27 February 2007

A Patriot Tax?

If the readers have been following the blog, they will know that I got pretty pissed at the treatment of returning Iraqi vets, especially the wounded. I do not like the idea that the government is ignoring the problem as they did with the Viet vets.

I see a wealth of flags and stupid magnets everywhere, somehow these mental midgets think it is patriotic and supports the troops. HA!

I say if the money is damn hard to find to give the deserved assistence to the vets, impose a Patriot Tax. The tax would be levied on all flags bought or flying, the same with the magnets, that "Support Our Troops" or anything that has that terminology on it. And make it a substantial tax--after all the money will be well spent, for a change.

This will do two things 1--Raise needed monies for the care of the injured vets 2--it will show just how patriotic the American publiic really is. I say that patriotism, at least in the forms that will be taxed, will disappear. The "sunshine patriots" will return to under the rocks they have crawl out from. There will be no more objects from them to get so they can soothe a guilty conscience. They will have to pay! That will make a significant difference in the lunacy.

Is this extreme? You bet your ass it is! And it will prove once and for all who really supports the troops.



Marie said...

I like the phrase "sunshine patriots" it is a good one! I know there are a lot of people who think that just showing a flag makes them patriotic. I like to have those things in the house and around the yard, but... patriotism goes a lot deeper. I know I have been one to write our reps when I thought things weren't going right, I think by the time my son came home, I had let them all know my opinions!

Marie said...

Woops, but anyway...
I agree with the "tax", I think that is a good idea. It would make revenue and it is a good way to make it, as well!

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