24 February 2007

Iraqi Historical UpDate #1

Historical UpDate

The idea of three states or whatever you would like to call them, in Iraq is something new? Is it the way forward for Iraqis? What do you think? Me? I think it is a ill advised move, that shows little or no actually knowledge of what could happen in the future.

What about a division of Iraq? This idea is not a new one or an original one. Under the auspices of the Ottoman Empire, Iraq was divided into three vilayets or administrative districts. In the North there was Mosul, in the center it was Baghdad and in the south, Basra. Wake up! (snapping fingers) Does any of this sound familiar?

Nothing being done in Iraq is original, not the tactics by the occupiers, not political and not, especially, the idea of a division into three parts. All was tried by either the Ottomans or the Brits or now, the US.

Why would you continue to do the same things over and over and expect a different outcome? Time to eliminate all the "wise guys" in Washington, tgime to find people who know history and who knows the ME on an intimate level.

Just look at a history of Iraq and you too could predict the outcome and make Cayce proud.

The Professor has spoken!




Those who know history seldom get a chance to use it... I bet you didn't know that :)

For example the very Allies who in the name of humanity and all that's good in it fought the world-hungry Nazis did in a few decades themselves become the perpetrators of the worst kind of world domination tactics. Today being THE only superpower left in the world the US is acting in ways that are no different than what Germany was doing ahead of WWII. American national security imperatives are no different from that of the 19th century colonisers or before them world empires like the Roman, Persian and Greek... which is to pulversise nations that so much as to even dare think about raising their heads... or should I say nuclear warheads?

I have a feeling that you sir, like many Americans don't even question your government's decision to invade Iraq. You're just too busy thinking that it is your divine right to invade any country that you choose to see as EVIL... much like Cervantes' Don charging at the windmills.

I think it is time for a hard-hitting PEOPLE's movement across the world, because governments as we have seen in the past get co-opted in UN-sponsored realpolitik and carrot-and-stick diplomacy. When I say hard-hitting I don't mean an armed rebellion but a rebellion of THOUGHT... much like what Gandhi did in India....

CHUQ said...

You sir are mistaken, I have been fighting against military intervention by my country since I fought in Vietnam.

If you read more in my blog you would have seen that I have little use for the system we now live under and have been working for an alternative since I was in my 20's and that sir has been a long time ago.

Thought is aood thing and , yes it should be considered, but thought alone will not do it, action is needed. The problem sir, too many want to talk and not enough want to act.


Sir, I stand corrected. My apologies. Action is important but it needs to be focused like a laser beam. Otherwise its effect is dissipated much like a wave hitting a rock. I don't know how much is being done within America to undo the damage this present dispensation has done. I know Hollywood came out very strongly as a pressure group, as did a few other artists and writers. But the general public remains as insular and apathy-ridden as what we outside America believe the mid-west stereotype to be. Why is that happening??

CHUQ said...

Apology accepted and thanx--to answer your question, most of the American people are idiots--they prefer their views to be formed on CNN or FOX. Not much is being done to change things. Why? The US left is so fragmented that they cannot find any common ground for cooperation.

I have spent most of my life trying to get the American public to learn what is what and why things are happening. So far, I am am a small voice in the huricane, but I try, that is more than most can say.

CHUQ said...

I wish to thank you for your input and for visiting my blog--I appreciate the support.

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