22 February 2007

He's Da Man!

McCain 4 Prez

There seems to be a lot of jockeying for the frontrunner position within the GOP. Whi is it Guiliani? How ab out that McCain? Which is the man to be king?

Guiliani, probably will not be it! He is pro-choice and anti-gun, two of the positions that could kill him as a frontrunner.

Now we come to the man--McCain. If this is the best the GOP can do-shake hands with the new Democratic pres. He use to garner some respect because he was a VN vet that was in a prison camp in Noth Vietnam. OK, where is that a good place for a pres to come from? He will think hard about sending US troops to war? Yea, right. (sarcasm intended)

He is a supporter of Bush's policies and of the man and being so is attempting to hold the support from the right that Bush still retains. How does he do this? Well, let us see shall we? In the past McCain was a supporter of not repealing Roe, now he says time to zap it. When Runsfeld left, he said he was a good man and deserves respect, now he is saying his policies were wrong and it was mishandled by Rumsfeld. This man is an insult to the American soldier and voter. He follows the political winds to feather his own bed. This is a man who cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be allowed to lead this country. A man that will tailor his views to win political support is not a man to be trusted. He is only trying to win support from Bush's original supports, that helped him into the WH.

McCain is not a vet, he is a politician who happened to be in the military. His switching on issues is far worse than a guy who joined the NG and sat out Vietnam in Alabama; that guy has an excuse for his views. They are he was not there and never witnessed the obscenities of war. McCain was there and witnessed and yet he closes his eyes to the obscenities That, IMO, makes him a worthless lump of ....and not suitable to even eat at the same table as Vets and definately makes him unacceptable as a pres.

Know your candidate or suffer all the lies he/she can sling at you, for the only thing you can bitch about is your ignorance.



Tumbleweed said...

I used to be a McCain supporter but it seems this time around he is a different canidate. He seems to have lost the" go against the grain" attitude and swithched to taking a popular, vote gathering stand. I don't think he has what it takes this time.IMO.

Mememarie said...

I liked the
"Know your candidate or suffer all the lies he/she can sling at you, for the only thing you can bitch about is your ignorance."
I hate it when people complain about how things are going, and then they don't vote. I always tell them that if they didn't vote, I don't want to know their opinion, ha ha. This statement made me think of that.

CHUQ said...

Thanx guys, I do appreciate it. tumble--I believe that McCain is trying whatever possible to be the candidate and if I were Satan, he would be my next customer.

meme--axs long as we have the corrupt two party system any vote other than repub or demo is a wasted voted. It is only a protest vote. Believe me, the 2 parties like those votes on election day, for they are not counted, basically. It would be a different story, if say, Nader could throw his votes to another candidate, then the vote would be good.

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