23 February 2007

There Goes The Neighborhood

The UK will pull some 1600 troops out of Iraq, but yet Prince Harry will go for active duty. Also getting in on the deal is Lithaunia and Denmark, will be pulling trrops from Iraq.

There are several ways to view these pull-outs. One, the war is going so well that some of the forces are not needed. Or two, these countries are bowing to pressure at home to "cut and run" Or three, it is just a political ploy to gain some type of support from somewhere. There is more to this than just a couple hundred guys going home.

For one the Brits are in the South of Iraq, reports say it is a more secure area and they are not needed. But reports say that they are attacked by mortar and RPG, almost daily. Secure, you say? OK. But the Brits are gonna leave the bulk of their forces in the area. So, with that said, this is just a media event to bolster Bush in his statements that all is going good.

Now let us move on, the plan for the "surge" is to go into a 'hood and take on the insurgents and bring a move secure atmoshere. Once the "bad guys" are thrown out, the miliatry will live within that ;hood to keep the peace. Sorry, guys, but IMO, that is just another occupation and will be really be unpopular and give the insurgents even newer targets. This tactic is a lame one at best and someone really needs to rethink this strategy.

With countries trying to find ways to bail on the war in Iraq, how long will it be before we are alone still fighting the same guys over and over; for once the sweep is over they will be back. Who will be next, to bring the troops home?

none of this will do what the cheerleaders say it will do. The only thing they should promise is that there will be more casualities to deal with in the future.


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