18 February 2007

Britney Baby--What Are You Thinking?

Yesterday mI watched the Spears thing on
the boob tube.

What is she thinking? Does not look as if she is doing much of that. She is shooting herself in the foot, with drawless photos, partying and now new tats and shaved head. I mean she is doing everything she can to give her kids to K-Fed. Why? Is she that f**ked up?

I mean, personally, I think bald is HOT! I mean I have all kinds od visions about dating a bald chick. But put that aside she is doing all of ex's leg work for his attorney. I mean come on girl, you are out with the biggest HO in the US, Paris. That in it self is not gonna help you in court.

Unfortunately, between Spears and Smith, there is no room for news--fluff rules the air waves.

All I can say is "Thank God for a pc"!

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