03 February 2007

It's A Propaganda War

All the saber rattling going on in Washington and Baghdad about the involvement of Iranian "agents" in the situation in Iraq, is nothing more than a propaganda war right now. Why? there has been liitle evidence offered other than the hear say of some officials here and there. Has the media been allowed to verify any of the crap pass out? NO! Recently the US forces captured a cache of arms and immediately they were supplied by Iran. The truth is they found ONE Iranian machine gun among all the hundreds of arms captured. That does not mean that they all came from Iran, nor does it mean they did not come from Iran. I am just pointing out the fact that it was used for propaganda purposes.

It is certain that there are Iranians operating in Iraq, just as there are "agents" working in Jordan or Egypt.

Basically, what I am saying is I will reserve my condemnation of Iranian "agents" until I have concrete proof, not the lame evidence that is being offered now. I think that type of evidence will not be as easily produced as the lame accusations.

Let's look at propaganda--if one falsifies a fact, then a confrontation can be the answer when it is proven erroneous. But when an interpretation is offered then it becomes more difficult to prove it wrong. All media is used to get the message across to the public. An interpretation of a fact is just that what one person defines it as and is not necessarily accurate.

So, now are we seeing the propaganda war against Iran? All indications I have is that we are, but then again that is my interpretation and it may be propaganda--you decide!

I appears that the subjagation of Iran to Washington's desires is a necessity for the long term plans for the region. The US seems to be manuvering for domination of the Middle East and Central Asia, whether it is oil or whatever, they must be made to become subject to Washington's will.


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