21 February 2007

Just Another Thought

Sec, Rice is in Berlin to talk about ME peace. Why? Sould not the talking points be at the people involved? She demands Israel be recognized, but what has she said Israel must do? Anybody that can defend this type of :diplomacy" needs to do a little research in conflict management. What are the negotiating points? Pals must recxognize Israel's right to exist, ok, we got one. What must Israel do? Give up settlements? No! Agree not to destroy houses and lives? No! Shoe some restraint on the use of lethal force? No! Just what the hll does Israel have to do?

It is not a compromise if only one side has to agree to give up something. That is know as bullying. And that has been the policy of the US since Johnson. Maybe longer. What is the new approach that the US is offering? The Pals do all the giving and Israel does all the taking? Sounds like the current policy.

There will never be a peaceful solution as a heavy handed approach is used toward the Pals. There will never be a successful solution as long as one side does all the compromising. The thing to look forward to in the near future is a prolonged BS session and the possibility of more violence.


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