21 February 2007

Political Bitch 101

What does anyone outside the ME have to do with the implimentation of a peace accord? US or Germany or UK or whomever, what do they know of the situation, othwer than some dumbass news coverage?

My thought is, if you want to offer a suggestion on a peace for the ME, try living there for a month and then offer your proposal. I can say that may views changed considerablly after living there. No one can understand the complexities of the situation by watching the crap on CNN.

Only first hand knowledge should be acceptable for any proposal without that you have nothing.



tumbleweed said...

That seems to be one of the problems in coming up with a peace plan.It's always other countries trying to reach an agreement that is usually rejected by one side or the other.They need to concentrate more on direct talks, and more of them.IMO.

CHUQ said...

Exactly, all parties other than the effected ones should be by-standers. They should offer advice but cannot influence the talks.

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