08 February 2007

Another Thought

Just how long must we be subjected to the Astro-nut story or the diaper thing or yada, yada? I mean come on people! How much more do you need to hear about this situation? Is it something you cannot live without? If the answer is yes, the you are pathetic!

Another story, NYC is considering a law that would make it illegal to cross a street while listening to IPod, or cel, it will cost you $100 if you are ticketed. NYc is just sucking all the fun out of life. You cannot listen to IPod, talk on a cel, eat trans fats, smoke, or scratch--what is left? They will know how to make life a real joy!

I recall when you could see hookers in Times Square, now it is Mickey; personally, I like looking at hookers more than some capitalistic mouse. Would someone remind me why I would want to go to NYC for a visit.

What is next, some insane clergy carrying signs and calling me a "chilkd of Satan" because I listen to tunes?

Sorry, NYC--I will pass.


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