04 June 2007

Professor's Classroom

Since so much is in the news about gas and oil prices, I thought I would expand the knowledge.

When did the modern oil industry begin? By whom? And when and where?

Good luck and you may begin.

Class may I have your attention for a moment? There is a bonus question.

Who said "Play it again, Sam" and where?

Easy, right?


J said...

Well, there seem to be several answers to this question. The Chinese have been pumping oil out of the ground for over 2500 years, but it wasn't until around 350 A.D. that they got really good at drilling oil wells with bamboo poles, some 800 feet deep. But the oil industry as we know it today was begun in 1859 in Titusville, VA, by a "Colonel" Edwin Drake, who was able to extract crude oil at a depth of 80 ft.

CHUQ said...

And the bonus question?

MemeMarie said...

I'm working on it, have traced it back ,but have to make sure it is as far back as it can go! ha ha

J said...

Sam Spade? Maltese Falcon?

J said...

Oh, never mind. I see it has nothing to do with Humphrey Bogart...I will let meme take a crack at it.

CHUQ said...

Ok j, thanx--Meme you are on the hot seat! lol

CHUQ said...

Meme--time is running out! Saturday morning I will give the answers. Sharpen your pencil, and get busy. lol

CHUQ said...

Class pencils down! j is correct! Well done!

Bonus question--Play It again Sam was the title of a Woody Allen movie above a bogart-esques alter ego.

The belief that the term came from the movie Caasablanca is an err. In the movie Bogie said to Sam, "if you can play it for her, you can play it for me, Play it"

Thanx for participating.

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