27 June 2007

The New Domino Theory

If you are old, like me, you will remember the domino theory from SE Asia, where if one country went communist they all would fall to the commies. Did not work out so well, some fell most did not!

The new theory I say is one in the ranks of the pro-war people. Yesterday sen Lugar a long time repub supporter came out against the war. Voivich also came out. Sen warner said that after the 4 july break more would fall.

Bush will lose all support soon and then we will see the war being seriously considered and hopefully, Americans can stop dying and come home to their families.



the genius that is your offspring said...

this of course has nothing to do with ideology or bringing our troops home. it has to do with an ever looming election year.

CHUQ said...

True that--it is party against party and as usual the people are left out as observers

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