18 June 2007

Professor's Classroom

Gaza is burning, Iraq IS burnt and all over the world people continue to kill each other; there seems to be no let up.

Good Morning, class! Todays lesson is on war, well the recognition of those who fight in the US miliatry.

The US gives the Medal Of Honor for courage in the face of war, the question is:

Where and when was the most medals of honor given for a single action?

This is not that hard and I expect great things from you.


J said...
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CHUQ said...


MemeMarie said...

Wasn't me.. ha ha, I noticed that too! I am going to do some looking now, though!

CHUQ said...


MemeMarie said...

The question is: Where and when were the most medals of honor given for a single action?

I cannot find the whole answer, but will answer with what I have found. (The dates following the names are the "date of action" which is what has me confused about this question.)

There were five Marine Corps Heroes who received BOTH the Army and the Navy Medal of Honor for the same action during
World War I.

*GySgt Charles F Hoffman
(a.k.a. Ernest August Janson)
Place and date: Near Chateau-Thierry, France, 6 June 1918

*Sgt Louis Cukela
Place and date: Near Villers-Cotterets, France, 18 July 1918

*Sgt Matej Kocak
(KIA)18 July 1918

*Pvt John Joseph Kelly
Place and date: At Blanc Mont Ridge, France, 3 October 1918

*Cpl John Hentry Pruitt
(KIA)Place and date: At Blanc Mont Ridge, France, 3 October 1918

Five of six received BOTH the Army and Navy Medals of Honor for the same deed, with a separate citation from each branch of service. **The sixth Marine, Fred William Stockham, received ONLY the Army Medal of Honor for the action that cost him his life.**

CHUQ said...

meme--Good answer but not the one I was looking for. Hint: 20 medals of honor were given for this action, all recipients wefre in the army.

MemeMarie said...

20 Medals of Honor were give for action at Fox's or Turner's Gaps on September 14, 1862

CHUQ said...

Not the one--but you are getting closer.

CHUQ said...

meme--do you want to continue? I will let it go for now or you can take half credit now? LOL The choice be yours.

MemeMarie said...

I guess I will say "UNCLE"... I hate to give up on something, but T and I have both been researching, and I just can't find the answer... ha ha

CHUQ said...

Marie and T.--try december 29, 1890 place wounded knee the 7th cavalry aqttacked the suoix killing 84 men, 44 women and 18 children. For their part the 7th calvary was awarded 20 medals of honor. To be fair I have found the names of only 15 but a total of 20 were awarded.

You did good and I will give you a pass for your effort.

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