17 June 2007

Weekly News Round-Up

The world is in flames, and the country is divided and these are the stories that got the most coverage.

All The News That Makes You Snooze!

Bush has to go to Albania to find supporters. The people were thrilled to see him and crowded to touch him and are very good friends of the US, to the point that some US flags were flown upside down.

A woman, Susanne Butts, was caught stealing toilet paper. I cannot make this stuff up! And since it is her third offense, it is a felon. Maybe it was an emergency! Think about it!

Spain has it going on! A bunch of bike riders mgot nude a peddled ass thru thye streets of Madrid to protest global warming. If it had happened in the US, the religious right would have stroked out! So, I am planning an event with nude biker riders, just doing my part for the good of the country.

$54 million for a pair of pants?!? Someone explain this to me, please. I have nothing, I am speechless.

Finally, it was the Queen's birthday---thinking---I do not f*cking care. You people do realize that we fought a war with this group to be done with a monarchy, right? But yet you still have this unnatural desire to know everything royal--what are you thinking?

Believe it or not--Paris is still in jail! OK can sainthood be far away?



MemeMarie said...

*Bush in Albania - IMO it only make me wonder about their intelligence. I mean, they don't see Americans treating him this way, maybe they don't understand what a shitty job he has done and continues to do?

*Butt's steal T.P. - Still haven't read that story, but I believe you, lol. How embarrassing for her! Can you imagine being in the slammer and someone walks up to you and says "Hey, what are you in for?".....ROFLMAO

*Spain nude bikers - "doing your part for the good of the country" lol, good one, Professor!

*$54 million for pants - did you see the news where it says that this guy cried about his pants? PLEASE.. and he is a judge? omg...

*Queen's birthday - yawn... I agree, who cares?

*Paris still in jail - she needs to be, but she'll come out of this, smelling like a rose, IMO.

TO ADD TO THE ROUNDUP FOR THIS WEEK... Who else but David Hasselhoff could have a video circulating like that and gain custody? Just another thing that makes you wonder about celebrities being treated differently than others.

CHUQ said...

Hasselhoof-drunks make fine role models for children.

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