01 June 2007

A Despicable Scam!

Scammers are everywhere, but come on this one is by far the most tasteless. Some vets family gets a call and the scammer says that the soldier has been wounded and they need a SSN and DOB before they can treat the person. Of course, with the info in hand the scammers go about stealing the person identity.

This form of theft should be lumped into the treason law! And punishable by death! The troops and vets have enough problems with getting the care they need and now you have this form of abuse. You want this to stop? Then execute!



MemeMarie said...

Words cannot even begin to convey how angry it made me to hear this...Who the hell could do such a thing?

CHUQ said...

It is time for the govt to get off their collective asses and do something that protects the vets and their families from pigs like this. Make it TREASON would be an excellent start.

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