05 June 2007

Are The Kurds Screwed Again?

Do not know if you know that in 1917 the Kurds were promised a country at the end of WWI. Well, sh*t happens and they were denied. Then George I showed up and there was hope thanks to the Kuwait thing. OOPS! They were denied again. OMG, George II came to call and the possibility of a nation was again on the lips of Kurds. They have been a good friend in the area. Of course they are, they are trying to find someone to give them a country.

Last week the US pulled troops from the Northern part of Iraq citing a good security situation and the troops were no longer needed. Well the Kurds have been at odds with the Turkish government for many years and during that time barbs have been passed between the two. Basically a war of words, with a little violence thrown in to make the situation more interesting.

Well on 03/06/07, the Turkish army began shelling N. Iraq. There reason, they were going after the "terrorist" PKK. Now did we pull the troops to avoid any entanglements with Turkey? Did the US sanction this attack? What will be the outcome? All great questions, with no one talking about it or wanting to answer.

Appears to me that the US has once again turned its back on the Kurds, just as it did with the first Iraq conflict. This situation begs for a few honest answers. Never mind, we are talking about the Bush Admin and honesty is in short supply. One more question. Why is the US media not reporting this occurrance?

Just a few thoughts.




Ron said...

I never knew that about the Kurds-post WWI. Most interesting.

Sadly, the fighting between the Kurds and Turks was utterly predictable. Dubya's diplomacy in action (action being missiles and bombs).

CHUQ said...

thanx for the visit ron, always a pleasure. I still have not heard anything about the attack in the US nedia and that is disturbing to me. Now I want to know why?

tumbleweed said...

It looks like we are letting the Kurds fend for themselves.Yea, I'd like to know why too CHUQ

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