29 June 2007


Well in case you have been in the bathroom playing with yourself--the Pres. immigration bill has failed again! Bush has lost ALL support except for handful of loyals. His War is losing, his immigration has lost, etc, yada.

What is next? Maybe Bush should just go to Crawford and shovel sh*t. I mean he has got to be good at it because he spent so much shovlling it onto the American people.

PEOPLE! Time for a change! STOP! awaiting for these turds to change! It is up to you! Finally move from the herd and exercise your power. Change is needed and you can do it!



Meme said...

UNITY '08... Need I say more? Change IS Needed, I agree!

(where has your daughter been? I really liked reading her comments!)

CHUQ said...

I agree and she is in hiding! lol She has been so busy that she meets herself at the door every morning.

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