28 June 2007

Your Congress

While most you were concerned about the state of Paris, your Congress passed a bill for them to get a pay raise. While most of the Us is lapping up all the bullshit from Paris, the Congress, especially the Dems, were breaking some of their election promises, those of cutting spending and such.

I hate to say, "I told you so"--that is lie! I love saying! Dems are NO DIFFERENT, than the ones they replaced. So STOP deluding yourselves that you have any change with your vote!


your kid said...

the dems are dirty rotten bastards just like republicans BUT they are dirty rotten bastards for the LEFT!

CHUQ said...

Well, if they are on the left, they are a little left of center, not enough to qualify.

Meme said...

Chuq, I couldn't find the story on them getting a pay raise, could you let me know where to find the story, please? I would appreciate it!

Meme said...

did you read my question yet?

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