11 June 2007

The GONZO Vote

I case you have missed it, there will be the start of a debate in the Congress about the wording of a NO Confidence Vote, to be levelled at Gonzo. It will begin this after noon and go on and on and on......

But what does this really mean? Not much! There is no such binding thing as a call for a vote of no confidence, at least in our form of government. Under a parlimentarian form there is, but in the US, it is a non-issue. So what is the Congress actually doing? They are playing politics and wasting time and money.

Is this what you elected these bozos to do? You mean they cannot find anything more import to spend our time on? It is a prime example of your tax dollars at work.

We must change things and the way governmental business is done. I suggest a look to Unity08, an organization that is working hard to find a new direction for our country and our system.

Find a new way or shut the hell up!



unitybroth said...

Thank you for posting about Unity08 and joining our movement to bring politics back to Americans!

CHUQ said...

NP! I will be doing more as I can. I am glad help. And thank you for the visit. Hope to see you again.

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